Message From The Chair

Welcome to ArchiTeam 25th year!  From a small group of architects getting together 25 years ago, ArchiTeam has grown to become the leading representative group for small and medium architectural practices.   We have more than 550 members in 6 states and territories, and regional areas.  We are proud to provide great value insurance, great member services, a coveted architectural competition, and increasingly, advocacy for architects, all at a reasonable cost.

ArchiTeam is only successful because of the energy, professionalism, and dedication of the many, many members who, over the past 25 years, have dedicated their time to making ArchiTeam better.  From the founding members to those contributing today, thank you all for your support of Architeam.  Without that support, ArchiTeam would not exist.

This 25th anniversary year will come with celebrations and surprises, so look out for those special events.  We think it’s something worth celebrating.

We would love to hear from you if you have great stories about ArchiTeam.   Send us your thoughts, memories,  or  photos.  Inspire us!

Happy 25th ArchiTeam.

Rosemary Ross