Report: ArchiTeam’s Advocacy Working Group

In 2016 we saw the coming together of a small group of energetic and committed ArchiTeam members to brainstorm Advocacy. An initial member survey found 68% in favour of exploring the topic to ‘Educate the public on the value of Architects through marketing and public outreach’. We had dreams of leaping straight into action, however over the course of 3 meetings we came across so many inspiring and varied ideas. It became apparent that there are many issues small practice Architects face that require advocacy and action.

We invited a community engagement company Capire to lead the group through two workshops. Our aim was to develop a strategic framework to record these ideas and potential projects, to be selected by future Advocacy groups to continue the good work. Through these workshops our ideas of advocacy focused on informing decisions – “…ultimately by enabling the public to make informed decisions in the built environment space because they understand the function of architects and the value of architecture.” (Capire Workshop 1- Summary). This year we will be working on an Advocacy project communicating the value of small practice Architects through information and transparency.

The Advocacy group had several positive outcomes in 2016, preparing letters of support for the Nightingale model of architect-led housing in Fairfield and Brunswick; as well as submitting a response and Press Release to the Better Apartments Draft Standards. We are looking for more members to assist with these actions in 2017. A core group of max. 6 members will be selected to work on the Key Project. If you would like to add your voice to our Advocacy group please send an expression of interest to The group will reform in March for an exciting year.