ArchiTeam Office Refit

Adaptable spaces suggest they will provide functional solutions in multiple configurations.  Winwood McKenzie’s design of the ArchiTeam office allows it to function as an office, meeting place for members and discussion groups, layout and event organisation space, provide space and to host small events for members.   This has been achieved in a way where alternative configurations only become apparent through use and otherwise do not distract or compromise its primary function as the ArchiTeam office.


The simple but effective use of moveable furniture elements and a full width curtain subtly provides a level of adaptability that will allow ArchiTeam admin and members to benefit from using the space more frequently and for a wider range of activities. The lighting design also allows the space to be altered depending on the use and or event, with ceiling lights on three separate switches and the considered use of LED strip lighting in the kitchenette and shelving.


The spaces which are used most are distinguished by a warm neutral palate of materials that are durable and fit for purpose, desktop linoleum, bulletin board and ply.  Spaces that are used less frequently, or for a shorter duration (the kitchenette and meeting space) are brightly coloured to create a more memorable space than a typical office.


To achieve a transformative result from a modest budget, Jim Giantis from Urban Domain, was engaged to do the base building work, painting, carpet and re-wiring and a cabinet maker was engaged separately by ArchiTeam.  Maxiply provided the plywood at a discounted rate.


Smaller projects create a focus on smaller details and moments.  The transformation of space to provide more possibilities and opportunities for use will bring together and benefit members in a way that is much larger than its modest dimensions.

Photography ©TatjanaPlitt