5 Questions with Lorene Roberts, head of Nulok Roofing Systems

Who are you?

Lorene Roberts, head of Nulok Roofing Systems is not just a successful business woman, but a mum, grandmother, a thought leader of this generation and a published author of Crazy Stupid Love, unlocking life’s lessons. While her careers have been varied, she has built many businesses including a multi-award-winning photography business, coaching business and a state of the art ostrich farm.


With a passion for business, renovating and historical properties, Lorene took a giant leap of faith in 2016, when a distribution for a unique integrated solar and slate roofing product in the Vic/Tas area was presented to her. She immediately fell in love with the product and couldn’t refuse taking on the challenge, so entered the building industry investing in a slate roofing business.


“When I saw all the benefits of this product I knew that the great look and visual appeal of the flat solar rooves, without those ugly toaster racks holding the solar panel, was so appealing to home owners adding that to the integrity of the product was a winner. I truly believe this is an amazing roofing system, one that deserves to be promoted as the best there is on the market and I intend to do that.” she said.


Lorene is looking forward to the challenges of growing the Nulok Roofing System Vic brand, introducing a new range of terracotta roofing products and re-roofing Melbourne’s homes, especially the heritage ones and helping the environment with sustainable tiles that will last at the same time.


Many of you received the sample pack of slate in your 2017 ArchiTeam Conference bags and are aware of the products stylish sophistication, clean lines, exceptional mitres and integrated solar panels. The visual appearance is what initially draws people to the product but hidden beneath the beauty is a brilliant light weight metal system that is fast to install, ultra-strong and an ideal low pitch solution and guarantee for 50 years against product failure. It simply is the best, that’s why we say, Nulok Roofing … much more than a beautiful roof.


What is it about ArchiTeam that made you want to get involved?

Working directly with architects on projects is what we love to do, seeing the vision from the architect’s viewpoint and watching the projects come alive is exciting to us.  We feel by working with ArchiTeam we are speaking directly to the smaller architectural practices that we can build trusted relationships with these are the people who make a difference in the building industry.



What has been your most scary/courageous thing you’ve ever done?

On a professional level, purchasing and working in this business as a woman in a male dominated industry has given me the biggest challenge of my career.  Luckily, I’m a person with vision who can work out the details, I can see what needs to be done then make the plan for it to happen but operating this relatively unknown business has bought challenges I never thought would happen, but through perseverance and determination we have been overcoming this and look really good for the future.


On a personal level, taking the Trans Mongolian train from St. Petersburg to Beijing on my own without a 2nd language in the middle of winter would have to be both the scariest and most courageous thing I have ever done.  When I booked the trip, I thought I was going on a guided tour and had no idea that I was the only one with no guide or I would never have done it, but in retrospect it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and not something I would ever do again on my own, but certainly something I would recommend to anyone but you must have someone with you, it’s not to be done solo!


Who do you admire and why?

Randle Stevenson – the NSW distributor and new owner of Nulok Global, he has built his business up from scratch to becoming a well-known respected brand in the Sydney market and this year he has purchased the global rights to the Nulok brand.


Nulok is well established and operates in Australia, the UK and Ireland, but is now expanding through Europe.  Randle has now entered into an agreement partnering with the German company Rathscheck Schiefer group, he is in negotiations with Kingspan in the United Kingdom and a few other companies have approached him for talks, growing the Nulok international presence.


His vision for this Australian company which was established over 20 years ago is amazing and growth ensures long term viability for Nulok with our presence in the global marketplace.


William Pitt – the Australian architect who designed the most amazing buildings in Melbourne, especially the gothic bank, I love gothic architecture and find it totally mesmerising.


Oprah Winfrey – I don’t think she needs an explanation


Janine Allis – I love her vision, open mindedness and her achievements, plus she is a Hawks supporter


Thanks so much for sharing so much about yourself Nulok Roofing Systems.



ArchiTeam are excited to be visiting the factory on Saturday 19 May. To book, visit our events page, here