You did it!

ArchiTeam is incredibly excited to announce that the fundraising goal of RAsP “Research for Architects in Small Practice” was achieved.  A total of $26,122 will now support this exciting and innovative ArchiTeam initiative.  This research project is the first crowdfunded research project undertaken by the University of Melbourne and the first research project in relation to small practice in Australia.  Ever.

“Do small practice architect designed renovations improve capital gains in the Melbourne residential property market?”

We are about to find out!

This first research project will commence soon, and we’re looking forward to sharing the results with you all.    Of course, proper research takes time, we anticipate being able to release the results early next year.

Importantly, RAsP is here to stay.   RAsP is an ongoing program that over time will build a body of research, real data that will support all small architectural practices to do better.  To make decisions based on evidence rather than guess-work.  And to allow our clients…and potential clients… to make decisions based on evidence rather than guess work.

RAsP is a game changer.  It will change the conversation.  Instead of spending time arguing about fees, we can spend time doing better work.   It proves that together, collectively, we are far stronger than as individuals.

Getting RAsP off the ground has been no small effort, and enormous thanks are due to all those who contributed, shared, supported and discussed.  It takes a community to achieve a goal, and once again the ArchiTeam community has stepped up to make it happen.    Particular thanks are due to Peter Raisbeck of the University of Melbourne and Tom Bulic, ArchiTeam member.  Without their passion, this project would never have eventuated.

To the 200 individuals and businesses that supported us, the positive comments have just blown us away.  Thankyou.  You are 200 plus people who thought that this idea was worth investing in.  From “much needed” (Clare Cousins), to “I’m excited to see what might come of this” (Mathew Green), the general consensus is that RAsP is important.   I think we should all be proud of that.

So watch this space.  We will continue to keep you informed of progress, and will be consulting with all ArchiTeam members to determine the next question to be asked through RAsP.  We look forward to your involvement and feedback.


If you wish to contribute to RAsP please do so directly. Details below.

ArchiTeam Cooperative Ltd
BSB 944600
Account Number 000600337

Please send us an email with your details too.

Email RAsP here


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