ArchiTeam’s Business Support Documents

ArchiTeam members have access to a range of business documents we created to help make architectural practice more affordable.

Access to these documents is for members only. If you’d like a copy of these documents, please consider becoming an ArchiTeam member.

Client Architect Agreement

The ArchiTeam Client Architect Agreement has been updated and restructured, and is now clearer and easier to use. It complies with the current Victorian Architect’s Code of Professional Conduct and the Architects Regulations 2015. ArchiTeam offers both a long form and a short form agreement, applicable to small and large projects. Unlike agreements available in hard copy format only, the ArchiTeam agreement is provided in electronic format and may be used perpetually.

NOTE: This contract has been tailored to comply with Victorian legislation, please contact the office if you are undertaking work in a different state.

Client Architect Agreement costs $110 (incl. GST)

OH&S Starter Kit

All Victorian businesses, including architectural practices, are required to comply with OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety) law. To help our members comply, ArchiTeam offers an OH&S starter kit.

Our starter kit, includes 25 templates, pro forma policies and supporting documents that will help you to do the right thing, and keep you and your employees safe. The kit includes:

  • General OH&S Policy
  • OH&S Training Policy
  • First Aid Policy
  • Fire Safety Policy
  • Accident Incident Near Hit Report
  • Accident Incident Near Hit Investigation
  • Emergency Response Management Record; and more…

Normally the cost for these OH&S essentials is in excess of $1500 + GST.
Our price: $220 (incl. GST) per practice.

Employee Contract

For small architectural practice, employing staff in a full time, part time or casual basis can be a very big deal. We offer a standard form contract, prepared with legal expertise, to make this process easier. Compliant with current Victorian workplace legislation the contract ensures that there is clarity between you and your employee.

Employee contracts are $110 (incl. GST), and can be used for Architects, Interior Designers, Draftspersons and Clerical & Administration staff.