Message from the Chair

In what feels like the blink of an eye, we’re halfway through 2016. It’s a good time to remember (and perhaps make some revision to) our resolutions and intentions for the year.   A new financial year has started, the ArchiTeam midyear meeting is upon us, and 2017 is visible on the horizon ahead.

 It has been a busy and rewarding time behind the scenes at ArchiTeam, with the launch of several new initiatives. In May we hosted the inaugural CPD Regulations Workshop at the Abbotsford Convent. Congratulations and thanks go to the CPD working committee and Director Rosemary Ross for their hard work, to the speakers and conveners for their generous time on the day, and to all the members who attended the sessions.

 The new ArchiTeam website, member portal and Find an Architect search are up and running. Thanks to Director Fooi-Ling Khoo for her tireless efforts in bringing this project to fruition, and to the team of designers and developers involved. We encourage all members to update their profiles and information to take full advantage of our new image.  N.B. This issue of Datum has some tips on getting the most out of your profile.

 Our new Advocacy working group is due to launch next week, with the member survey producing an overwhelming response on the importance of ‘Educating the Public on the Value of Architects’. As the Director overseeing this project, I am very pleased with the member support for this initiative. Greater than anticipated numbers have volunteered their time for the period of July-December 2016 and it promises to be an exciting start to a longterm project. If you’d like to be involved, there’s still time, contact Anna in the ArchiTeam office to register.

 In other ArchiTeam news, the recent Insurance Renewal period has been successfully navigated (phew) and ArchiTeam’s policy is well placed in the market, providing good coverage and good value as a group policy. Thanks to Director Gray Smith, and also to Anna Czermak and Te-Arn Brown for their hard work in processing all our members’ applications! Big thanks and much appreciation also go to Barbara Moje who has taken on the role of Finance Director with great gusto, and is running a tight ship to keep our finances well protected and performing to the best of their abilities. Another marker of the midyear is the re-assignment of roles amongst the Directors, and I am pleased to announce our new Chair Rosemary Ross, with Gray Smith taking on the role of Secretary.

As a final note, we welcome members to attend the midyear meeting this week – come and have a say, ask a question, or kick back and mingle with other members. Happy second half of 2016!