Australian Architects National Salary Survey

The Association of Consulting Architects recently released the results from their fourth annual National Salary Survey. With responses from total of 2,311 staff from 113 practices, the results showed that although architects salaries are up slightly some practices continue to pay staff at rates below that set out in the national Awards.

Key Findings of the 2016 Salary Survey:

  • Salaries increased slightly since the 2015 survey for architects and technicians.
  • The ranges of pay vary drastically within role categories. The highest paid person in each job category is being paid an average of three times the lowest paid person with the same job title.
  • Larger firms tend to pay their staff higher rates than small or medium companies. This is more prominent with management roles.
  • There is still a noticeable gender pay gap for architects and interior designers.
  • It would appear that as many as 13% of firms are failing to paying their staff the minimum pay rates as set out in the national awards.


ArchiTeam would like to remind our members that paying staff under award wage is a breach of your employer obligations and can attract a fine.  Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with the Award rates and pay your staff appropriately.  If you have any questions please contact Fair Work Australia. 

Although it is positive to see wage increases, however small, it is a shame to see that there continues to be pay disparity between genders. We hope that ArchiTeam members will review their staff salaries to address this issue.

We encourage members to take part in the next salary survey to help provide an accurate picture of the industry.

A report with further information and detailed breakdown of the results from the national survey has been compiled by Dr Gill Matthewson and can be found on the Association of Consulting Architects website.