Research for Architects in Small Practice (RAsP)

If our mission is to support our members and raise the profile of our industry, we need research into the issues that affect small practice architects – what are the challenges we face, and what is the unique role and importance of small practice in Australia? RAsP aims to fill this gap.

Research for Architects in Small Practice (RAsP) is a crowdfunded research program led by ArchiTeam.

The crowdfunding page was launched on Thursday 21 June at the Melbourne Design School by Justin Madden.

The first research topic is:

Do small practice architect designed renovations improve capital gains in the Melbourne residential property market? 

RAsP will examine the financial impact small practice architects have on the properties they are so integral to transforming. We believe our skills as architects translates into increased financial return when it comes to property on-sell. But does it? If it does we’ll have a much stronger case to put to our clients, to industry and to government. If it doesn’t, we can ask why not? And what might need to change if this is to become one of our key measures of performance?

As small architects we’re too busy with the daily challenges of running a practice to consider these essential measures that underpin our success in this profession, but as a collective we can make it happen. Please pledge to RAsP. Without the support of our community, it is very unlikely RAsP will gain the funding it needs to go ahead.

‘”Small practices contribute much to Australian cities. Small practices believe in design, the elegance of details, and, more often than not, the hopes of local communities. The influence and impact of small practice is everywhere in our cities and suburbs” – Peter Raisbeck, ArchiTeam funding research for architects in small practice

To contribute to the crowdfunding of RAsP, please click on the link here