BEC – Built Environment Channel

Over the last 18 months a new architecture media service has been in development that can save architects time and support our profession. The service is called the Built Environment Channel and it will be a game-changer.


What is BEC?

The Built Environment Channel is a completely new form of architecture media that has been developed specifically for time poor architects who need to keep informed about our built environment. BEC is a little different to typical publication platforms. They are not a website and they’re not a magazine. Instead they are an in-house digital screen network dedicated to the built environment. What that means is that it is like having your favourite architecture magazine displaying a curated stream of architecture on your studio wall or bookshelf.


How will it help the architecture profession?

BEC has committed to returning 10% of its revenue back into the built environment professions through the BEC Build Forward Fund. It is projected that this fund will deliver $5 million over the next decade to open access research, design advocacy, and diversity initiatives.

The $5 Million BEC Build Forward Fund forecast industry investment will only be possible if practices support BEC by signing up to receive the service which is free of charge.


How will it help your practice?

With an ever growing mountain of information at our fingertips the challenge has really come to efficiently manage the information overflow. As architects we can’t switch off the outside world and then plead ignorance, we need to be able to effectively filter the information and then understand the most important updates. This is where BEC can help.

Built Environment Channel has partnered with peak bodies and media organisations to help keep you informed on what is happening across your industry. The Built Environment Channel aggregates and presents the information in a curated short form format. These beautifully presented pieces are like a digital noticeboard for your practice, silent and unobtrusive, yet informative.

The channel content is a fantastic conversation starter for your clients as well. With a third of the screen time dedicated to your own work, BEC makes it easy for any visitor to your office to understand what your practice is about.


So what is the catch?

If it is free to participate and it gives a benefit to our profession, what is the catch? Just like your favourite magazine, BEC is funded by product advertising. This advertising will be a restricted and low percentage of screen time. Advertising will be limited to products and services that are relevant to architects and are of a very high quality. There are strict rules in place to ensure that there will be no advertisements that are considered inappropriate or competitive to your practice such as recruitment ads. This is strictly a way for reputable, innovative and sustainable brands to provide product information that could help your projects or practice. As architects we have a responsibility to our clients to keep across the latest information and products and BEC provides a time efficient way to do just that.

Importantly there will be a 6 person independent advisory panel put in place to ensure that all content, including any paid content, is maintained to the highest of standards.


What is our profession saying about BEC?

 “Parlour is very pleased to be working with BEC. We look forward to sharing our research, projects, events and actions directly with architectural offices around Australia through this new platform. We are also delighted to welcome BEC as a Parlour Partner. Parlour’s work is possible thanks to our Parlour Partners and Parlour Friends, who support us through sponsorship and donations. The partnership with BEC will help support the development of a new Parlour book – which we are very excited about. Lastly, we welcome BEC’s wider commitment to the profession and discipline through the Build Forward Fund, which will be a huge benefit to many organisations and industry initiatives.”

–     Justine Clark, Parlour Inc

 “Their service from intro through to install and then onto continued support has been exceptional, not to mention they support the industry we all work within”.

  • Harry Jackson, Practice Manager, K2LD

It’s amazing how seamlessly it has become a part of our workplace. It isn’t distracting…it’s excellent “brain food”. In particular we love seeing projects from around the world and industry news snippets that keep us in the loop – all within a matter of seconds!

  • Sonia Sarangi, Director, Atelier Red+Black

“We have really taken to our 3 BEC screens throughout our studio, allows you a moment to recharge and get inspiration from around the world, the service lives up to its pitch regarding aggregating content from multiple design sources combined with great graphic content”

  • Hilary Spiers, Managing Director, dwp | design worldwide partnership

I have BEC playing in my office now and it’s pretty cool. We are a very small practice and I thought it might feel a bit corporate.. but it just sits in the corner and does it’s thing. Best thing is that it has our own content on it so we point to it when visitors are here… much more sophisticated than a picture on the wall.

  • Michael Gay, Director, MSG Architecture


How can I sign up?

Built Environment Channel is currently running a pilot program for small practices. This pilot program has two options.

Option one enables you to turn an existing TV screen into a Built Environment Channel Screen. BEC will provide a small device that will plug into the back of your screen, turning a blank screen into a vibrant information source.

Option two is for practice without a screen. For these practices, BEC will provide a small dedicated screen for you to receive the service, all at no cost.

You can find out more information and sign up your small practice here.


In Summary

The Built Environment Channel is a one off opportunity for our profession to gain an enormous development fund to protect and expand our profession. There are so many different initiatives like the recent ArchiTeam RaSP research project that can make a substantial difference to our advocacy efforts for our profession. However these important initiatives need funding. With the continual downward pressure on architect’s fees, many architecture practices are at their limits of how much they can financially contribute back. This is a nasty problem for our profession to be up against, however BEC can be a big part of the solution.

Please give BEC a go, and help give our profession a much needed financial boost.