5 Questions with sponsors Valley Windows

Get to know more about what inspires and drives one of the ArchiTeam major sponsors Valley Windows.


Who are you?

An Australian owned, Victorian based window & door specialist of 34 years & counting, we are Valley Windows.

Led by our Managing Director, Peter Garth, Valley work closely with Architects to support wants & needs in both the design, efficiency & functionality space, along with builders/owners allowing a smooth transition from paper to reality.


What do you do?

Through our Timber & Aluminum range of Windows & Doors, we provide Victorian’s, A Better View.

At Valley, we pride ourselves in sourcing local, quality materials allowing our craftspeople to maintain the highest standard of service & advice possible, across our range.


What has been your most scary/courageous thing you’ve ever done?

While humility is more in line with how we approach things at Valley, if you twisted our arm for a courageous answer, we would have to say our investment in people themselves.

For many the preferred choice has been to pick up production & send it offshore, sacrificing service & quality to make an extra dollar.

By investing in our people, treating them like family rather than a number, we have a business filled with tenured craftspeople.  In turn, you will never hear the words “not my job” from anyone in a Valley uniform.  While we continue to innovate & move into the future, utilising our people will always be at the front of mind.


Who do you admire and why?

Timber Artisans in 2018.

It is safe to say that true craftsmanship is becoming a thing of the past, as the age of machinery increases.

Our admiration goes to all those in their wood working sheds, who still have the desire for the use of a chisel, plane & saw.


What is it about ArchiTeam that made you want to get involved?

Valley’s focus has always been on & around the community, so it makes perfect sense for Valley to join the ArchiTeam family.  Being a locally owned, people first business, we know the struggles that are faced daily when competing against the Goliath’s of the industry.  With the experience we hold in house, we welcome opportunities to assist in turning possibilities into realities. In our view, there is nothing more satisfying than walking the journey from canvas to creation, all to create, A Better View.