Architects vs the Banks – Submission to the Banking Royal Commission

The ArchiTeam Cooperative joined forces with the ACA and the Australian Institute of Architects to highlight the unfair treatment of industry-standard construction contracts by banks in a submission to the Banking Royal Commission. 

For some time, a growing number of member complaints over banks refusal to lend to consumers wishing to use architect-administered construction contracts, have been received by ArchiTeam, ACA, and the Institute.

This joint submission was made to the Banking Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry following a snapshot survey of members and an analysis of information collected from our shared members.

ArchiTeam Directors Barbara Moje and Warwick Mihaly headed up the ArchiTeam response to this group paper, with our colleagues at ACA and the Institute.

To read Warwick’s article, please click here.

To read the full submission, please click here