ArchiTeam Member’s Facebook forum

Membership to ArchiTeam provides access to a private members-only forum. With over half our members signed up to the forum, and many active on a daily basis, this forum has become one of our most successful endeavours. It equips members with an online community of practice previously only available to those working in larger practices. Now everyone has a “virtual office” with access to a large group of committed, helpful, and knowledgeable colleagues willing to share experiences, insights, trade and supplier recommendations, and provide timely advice on a range of topics.

Typical questions posted on the forum include:

  • Can anyone recommend a builder working in the x area?
  • Any suggestions on how to deal with this contract query?
  • Looking for a heritage specialist…
  • My clients are cranky about x – has anyone had experience with this?
  • I need an accountant. Any recommendations?
  • I think I need an office manager but I’m not sure. Advice?
  • What architectural software should I use?
  • We have a great little project we can’t service in the x area. Is anyone interested?

Access to the forum is open to all ArchiTeam members.

Find out more about ArchiTeam membership or contact us with questions. We’d love to hear from you.

DISCLAIMER: The information discussed in this recording is intended to be a general guide only. The information is not intended to constitute professional or legal advice, and you should rely on your own enquiries and assessment. ArchiTeam Cooperative expressly disclaims any and all liability for any loss or damage arising from reliance upon any information on the forum.


“A big thank you to all the ArchitTeamers who so openly and honestly use the forum. It has been so refreshing to hear people talk about the good, and the bad, and to know that we have such an amazing community of people there to offer their experience and advice.” – Rachel McGlashan, Detail 9 Architects & ArchiTeam member

“I’m not a Facebook person but I find the ability to just fire questions out at the ArchiTeam Members Forum to see if people are encountering similar issues or have recommendations is really helpful. I’ve found energy auditors, I’ve found out details of builders – I’ve gained a lot of ideas and information from that group.” – Claire Scorpo, Claire Scorpo Architects & ArchiTeam member