The Modernist Heritage conundrum
It’s well accepted in the heritage profession that time and style are not much of a barrier to deciding whether a place has sufficient importance, or in heritage language, ‘significance’, that it should be protected.
WCPGW – Invoicing for extra work
Dear What Could Possibly,   My client says that it is not fair for me to invoice them for extra…
Eight Questions with Kevin Mark Low
ArchiTeam Conference Keynote speaker, Architect and Designer Kevin Mark Low (MY) of Small Projects, answers 8 questions prior to joining us in late August.
WCPGW – Liquidated damages
Liquidated damages – What’s the deal? A member has recently written in to ‘What could possibly go wrong?’ asking about liquidated damages, justice and retribution.
Saving our Suburban Modernism
For many Melbournians, the word “heritage” evokes Marvellous Melbourne—the grand and ornate architecture of the gold rush, but the story of our city did not end there.
WCPGW – Meetings, Meetings and even more Meetings!
A member has written into WCPGW about a client wanting far too many meetings and asks what to do about it.
WCPGW – Getting paid
A member has written in to What could possibly go wrong? with a question about getting paid: Dear What could possibly go…
Altruism and entrepreneurialism
Inspired by member interest, ArchiTeam decided last year to initiate a public outreach program that will advocate for architects and architecture. I…
ArchiTeam welcomes new CEO
Fellow members, as you all will know by now, we farewelled the wonderful Anna Czermak last month. During Anna’s time…