Each year the Board of Directors meet in January for the annual Planning Day, established as the opportunity for the Directors and CEO to meet and review the past, plan the future and look at the ‘big picture’ strategically.

This year we had the day facilitated by Victoria Wilson, Business Consultant & Director at O V Management Pty Ltd who broke the day into three parts

  1. To outline and update ArchiTeam goals
  2. To develop a series of actions towards achieving the goals
  3. To reorganise and update the Directors Portfolios

Victoria’s expertise in coaching services for individuals and teams in leadership development, career management and career redefinition assisted the Board and CEO with being able to review possible organisational improvements, sound leadership practices and planning for change.

As this goes to print ArchiTeam is now at @700+ members Australia-wide, @13% increase in membership over the last 12mths. We interpret this as we must be offering what architects need and providing the right mix of services to our members. But how do we make sure we continue to provide the the right mix of services at the right level, and continue to meet the needs of members?

Firstly, the group reviewed ArchiTeam’s opportunities and challenges, and then mapped out current and future projects, aided by the results of the Member’s Survey from late 2018. Projects and ideas were discussed and laid out in a hierarchy of importance to ArchiTeam and our members. Items tabled and discussed, varied from the redevelopment of the ArchiTeam website to issues with the ABIC contract, formalising partnership arrangements to general membership operations. This session provided everyone with a clearer overview of the future priorities for ArchiTeam and allowed insight into how to manage them successfully.

At the recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) ArchiTeam had three Director’s positions available. Zoe Geyer and Fooi Ling Khoo, were re-elected for another term and Rebecca Naughtin was elected in to the third and final Board position. Unlike the Directors, the Portfolios have been the same for many years, yet the work involved has changed, some growing and some shrinking, so the second half of the day consisted of reconfiguring the Portfolios to address the evolution of ArchiTeam, whilst also providing each Director with a more equal and even workload with their fellow Directors.

The new Portfolios and Office Bearer roles are as follows;

  • Fooi Ling Khoo (Chair) Director of Communications and PR
  • Barbara Moje (Secretary) Director of Insurance and Member Services
  • Rebecca Naughtin (Treasurer), Director of Finance, Sponsorship & Partnerships
  • Zoe Geyer, Director of Advocacy and Research
  • Warwick Mihaly, Director of CPD Events, Awards & Conference

(Note: Director biographies and more detailed descriptions of their Portfolios are detailed below)

All these Portfolios need to be supported, either by subcommittees, working or advisory groups. As the coop grows, so do the great ideas and the subsequent the workload, which gives you the shareholders of ArchiTeam, to have the opportunity to step up and contribute to achieving ArchiTeam’s goals.  SubCommittees and Working Groups may only be formed for a short period of time for certain tasks, advisory committees will only be called upon for assistance with certain decisions throughout the year.

Thanks to Victoria Wilson for facilitating the day, it really assisted us in clearly planning an exciting and challenging 2019.

To see if O V Management Pty Ltd have a course that might assist you in running your business, keep an eye out on the website. 2019 course info available soon.


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