ArchiTeam Advocacy

The Advocacy Subcommittee is live and keen to hear proposals for new advocacy projects.

ArchiTeam advocacy projects are in place to assist our cooperative in carrying out its mission. They are seeking ideas, at any scale, that benefit our members, profession or community. Be it a research project, developing a shared resource or championing the excellent work that we do.; if you think you have a fitting idea for ArchiTeam then submit it!

There is much we can collectively do, with initiatives relating to Australian Architects Declare, particularly rich with possibility.

If the idea is promising, you’ll be invited to meet with the subcommittee to flesh out the concept and help assess opportunities, cost, resources and risk. There will be pizza too! If the project has legs, then it will be presented to the Board of Directors for approval.

With over 700 ArchiTeam members; there are resources and connections available. More importantly, there is an abundance of talent. This scale allows us to make an impact while we remain agile in the manner in which we operate; including how we launch initiatives. Advocacy has previously launched RAsP (underway) and The Naked Architect (perhaps your work should feature?) and are now in a position to do more.

ArchiTeam is democratically run by members, for members. Every member is encouraged to play an active part in shaping our organisation.  We invite you to assist with grassroots action to support our community.

Advocacy Sub Committee members:

  • Claire Scorpo
  • Imogen Pullar
  • Jamie Sormann
  • Jo Foong (chair)
  • Leah Reynolds
  • Talina Edwards
  • Tom Bulic
  • Zoe Geyer

ArchiTeam Mission:

Promote and protect ArchiTeam and our members through education and activities

– Advocate for the importance of small, medium and emerging architects in Australia

– Assist the architecture community to connect and improve

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